Chess not Checkers: Foster Loyer

Via: InTheGymHoops 2.0

If Foster was 6’5 was he would be top ten in the country however he is top 50. His handles is so in pocket and always putting teammates in position to score. He is a pass first point guard but he is one of the best scorers on the floor from anywhere.



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Michigan St is will young but will compete


Michigan State will be exciting to watch this year will there young team from last year. Just hope he does not want to sit out at the three point line because Izzo will be more red than crayon. Jaren stands at 6’11 size was a big problem for MSU they just filled the void.



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Trevion Williams reminds you Caleb Swanigan

Via: Prephoops

One of the nation’s top center is headed to purdue. He stands 6’8 250 however he is very light on his feet. His nimbleness in the paint will remind of Derrick Nix. However Williams has a 15 footer and a handle with great vision. Truly a treat watching this young man play this great game.



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Never seen anything like this.


This kid has all the moves and does everything. Kids his age are having trouble keeping their head up while dribbling. He is deciding whether to go for the step back or dunk on a kid a foot shorter than him. His coordination is exciting to watch because you do not see kid that have all together like he does. Once he reaches the ninth grade and continues to live up to the hype thing will be exciting in the state of michigan.

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Hail to the Victors: Dave Dejulius

Via: UMHoops

This that score 46 in front of beilein flow, this that 6 straight threes in the first half, this that seek and destroy flow. This will keep coming at you.



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Hail to the victors: Brandon John


The process is over all he has to now is win a class A state championship. 6’8 all around skilled scorer, prefers the perimeter a lot. ¬†Beilein is snatching all the state’s top talent.

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Syracuse Commit Zachary Morton

Via: Syracuse Orange

Better late than never it is what Cass does they produce football players. Zach Morton is one of the gifted ones. Once he puts it all together he will be a undeniable force.



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