King goes down against Pershing

Via: Full Court Media

Pershing plays their rugged style of basketball against another a tough team in King.

Pershing proved to be the tougher opponent.


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Living up to expectation


DEPSA going 2-6 in PSL was a disappointing however they did not quit. As a collective the team understand that the playoffs are another season in it self and will try to get the job done against Pershing on Friday.

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All da Smoke!!!


DEPSA was not going to allow Dave to go for 41 again. However, he go the win and the Triple-Double. Overall fun game to attend and watch  the top competitors compete.

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Daniel Friday c\o 19

Via: Hoop Films

In a game U of D Jesuit had no business winning , Mr. Friday led the cub all the way. Finishing the game with a tough 30 in one the biggest upsets in the beginning of the year.

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Comeback of the year!!!!

Via: Determined Series

The state of Michigan’s  best point guards go head to head. This matchup lived up to the billing their was so much energy in the building. Foster and Dave brought their A game and their was winner.  Coach Izzo was there just as excited as everyone else.

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Hazel Park?!?!?

Via: Ericgetsbuckets

This teams just plays hard with skill. They score hard, rebound hard, block shots hard, play d hard. Hazel Park are the bully of their league in Oakland county.

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Pioneers lives to fight another day


Pierre Mitchell scored 20, Spider (6-foot-8 Deante Johnson) had 16 points and 10 rebounds and Gary (Solomon) had 14 points and 10 rebounds.”

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